6 Fall Electrical Safety Tips You Need To Know

As your local Winter Park electrician, we’re providing you with all the dos and don’ts of fall electrical safety to ensure this season is full of fun memories instead of electrical hazards.

Did you step outside and feel the crisp breeze in the air? That means fall is here, and we can’t wait! This season brings pumpkin spice, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and, most importantly – fall electrical safety.

We love to dive headfirst into the fall season to experience all the fun festivities and celebrations this season brings, but we make sure to do it safely, and we’re here to keep you safe too. As your trusted Winter Park electrician, we’ve compiled a list of six electrical safety tips to remember this season. 

6 Fall Electrical Safety Tips You Need To Know

Decorate With Safety In Mind

If you’re decorating the outside of your house with lights, it’s essential to make sure the lights you’re using are designed to be outdoors. If they aren’t, you risk electric shocks or fires if inclement weather were to pay your home a visit. If you’re using an extension cord for your lights, you need to also make sure it is designed for outdoor use. If you have any questions or concerns about safe decorating practices, call your local Winter Park electrician; you’re always better safe than sorry!

Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Whether you’re using your outlets for powering fall decorations or your Thanksgiving meal, keeping the number of items plugged in to a minimum is crucial. Overuse of extension cords and multiple plug adapters on the same circuit are typical causes of an electrical overload. Overloading the outlet with extension cords and adapters places too much demand on the circuit and can lead to circuit trips. Overloading your outlets also runs the risk of overheating, which can lead to electric sparks. These sparks can then escalate to flames if flammable items are nearby. If you need to plug in multiple items, opt for a surge protector instead of a wall outlet.

Test Your GFCI Outlets 

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A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet is designed to protect against electric shock. You can usually find GFCI outlets installed in areas where electrical appliances could come in contact with water, like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. A GFCI outlet monitors the flow of electricity in the circuit and will quickly shut off the power if it detects irregularities in the current. To test your GFCI outlet, plug an appliance in, such as a lamp, and make sure it’s turned on. Locate the “test” button on your outlet and press it to stop the flow of electricity. If your lamp turns off, then your outlet is in working order!

If you don’t have these outlets installed in your home, call Doc Watts! As your local Winter Park electrician, we’re always here to help.

Check For Loose Outlets

Speaking of outlets, be sure to check your outlets for loose plugs, which can overheat and cause a fire. If you’re not sure what you should be looking for, don’t be afraid to call a Winter Park electrician to come take a look. We’re trained to look for irregularities with outlets and wires and can make any necessary repairs.

Inspect Power Cords

Make sure your electrical cords are in good condition. If you notice any tears or exposed wires, don’t tape it and continue using it. This can lead to overheating, electric sparks, or outlet tripping, so replacing any damaged cords is essential.

Practice Electric Blanket Safety

With the temperature dropping outside, you may find yourself wanting to cozy up with a heated blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate (or apple cider if that’s your gig). While these blankets are a great way to warm up, they also can be dangerous if not handled correctly. When buying an electric blanket, check to make sure the electric blanket is certified by a reputable lab (e.g., UL, CSA, or ETL) because this means they’ve passed multiple safety tests. When using your blanket, avoid tucking it under mattresses or placing heavy items on top, like comforters or other blankets. 

Make Doc Watts Your Winter Park Electrician

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