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Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum isn’t just for foil and soda cans. Did you know that older homes may have aluminum electrical wiring (and it probably should be replaced)? Have our team of electricians at Doc Watts inspect your wiring to see if it’s time for aluminum wiring replacement.

Homes in North America that were built in the 1960s and 1970s may have been constructed using aluminum wiring due to the high cost of copper.

This wiring material isn’t as safe as today’s copper and can pose a significant fire risk. If you suspect you have aluminum electrical wiring in your home, contact our team to inspect your home’s wiring and see if we recommend an upgrade.

Why Is Aluminum Wiring In A House So Dangerous?

Aluminum wiring isn’t unsafe just because it’s an outdated technology, it can be a serious fire hazard.

Can You Purchase a Home With Aluminum Wiring?

Absolutely! Just because a home has aluminum wiring doesn’t mean it won’t pass inspection, however, when most home inspectors see aluminum wiring in a house, they will recommend that it be replaced. The buyer and seller can work that out in a few different ways.

How To Tell If A Home Has Aluminum Electrical Wiring

A home is more likely to have aluminum wiring if it was built between 1960-1975. To be sure, ask a professional electrician (good thing you found us!) to inspect your wiring.

Another way to check for aluminum wiring in your home is to look at any exposed wiring in the attic or basement. You have aluminum wiring if you see a marking that says “AL” or “aluminum” on the wire’s plastic cover. Be careful to perform a visual inspection only; do not touch these wires. Call us if you can’t see any markings or cannot physically access the wires - we’ll handle it from here.

You may need aluminum wiring replacement if you notice warning signs like warm outlet covers, flickering lights, or frequently-blown fuses. These signs could also mean that there’s an issue with your copper wiring. Either way, whenever you notice these signs, it’s best to let the professionals at Doc Watts have a look.

What To Do If You Discover Aluminum Wiring

Replacing only the connectors with copper is possible, but we recommend replacing all aluminum wiring with copper to keep your home safe and code-compliant. Our team of skilled electricians can help when it’s time for your aluminum wiring replacement.


Call the Doc When You Have NO Watts!

When you need to replace aluminum wiring in a house or have any other wiring installations or repairs on your project list, we’re here for you! We look forward to helping you with all of your electrical projects.