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Light Pole Maintenance

Walking in the dark is no fun...and dangerous! Light poles are a huge factor of outdoor safety, no matter where you are. They can illuminate pathways, light up businesses, and highlight potential danger zones. Here’s everything you need to know about our light pole maintenance services.

When you’re looking for light pole maintenance or repair, Doc Watts Electric has the manpower, state-of-the-art equipment, and cost-effective options you need.

We can maintain light pole lighting for:

Should I Choose Energy Efficient Lighting?

Yes! Energy-efficient lighting is a great consideration when looking into professional parking lot lighting services. LED lights are a fantastic choice because they not only save money on energy bills and provide a safe alternative to traditional lighting, but they also have a reduced carbon footprint. By using LEDs in your parking lot lights, you can save up to 80% on monthly energy costs.

If you’re looking to convert your parking lot lights to LED, Doc Watts Electric has you covered. We’ll conduct either an LED retrofit or conversion—depending on your current light poles—and extend your light coverage from 2,000 hours to more than 100,000.

Light Pole Maintenance
Light Pole Maintenance


Simply having light poles isn’t enough. Inspections should be scheduled quarterly to biannually for both the pole and bulbs to check for damage caused by direct sunlight, inclement weather, and daily wear-and-tear. It is also critical to ensure your light poles are in compliance with state and local requirements and secured with the correct bolts and fasteners. A professional will be able to keep your light poles up to snuff—and if they’re not, do what it takes to make them safe again!

The Doc Watts Electric maintenance process includes:


Because they are outdoors, light poles are subject to wild temperatures, high winds, and damage by cars. When you schedule routine maintenance, significant repairs are less likely later on. Even so, we all know Florida weather can be unpredictable, so it’s helpful to have a team on call for any light pole concern.

Some signs you may want to think about light pole repair include: Improper wire exposure, a leaning pole, or deteriorating material. Even if you aren’t sure of the cause, you should always call a licensed electrical company as soon as you notice an issue that could signal a deeper concern.

Doc Watts Electric offers a few key repair services for common light pole problems, including:

Our bucket trucks and service vans are always prepared with a backup supply of the most common parts for repairs:


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