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Commercial EV Charging

Looking to accommodate your customers taking an eco-friendly ride to your business? With more electric vehicles on the roads, there is a big demand for EV charging stations outside workplaces, stores, and more. Learn about the commercial EV station services offered by Doc Watts Electric.

If you are ready to future-proof your business and add value to your property, look no further! Commercial EV stations are a great way to offer cutting-edge technology that is convenient for customers and beneficial for the environment. Whether you are looking for an EV station installation or repair, Doc Watts has you covered.

Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

There are two main charger types available for commercial EV stations:

Commercial EV Charging
Commercial EV Charging

Before Installation

A professional electrician will be able to inspect your site and make recommendations for the best charger depending on:

It’s important to remember that a commercial EV station should always be positioned in a well-lit area near a power source or entrance with lots of foot traffic.

Installing a Commercial EV Charging Station

Does this process sound daunting? Have no fear, our experienced electricians will set up your EV charging station with all the necessary precautions to ensure your installation is safe and secure.

Your electrician will:

Commercial EV Charging Station Repair

Accidents happen, and nonstop daily use can call for maintenance and repairs. If you’re experiencing issues, you’ll want a knowledgeable electrician to look into potential electrical system or device errors that may be preventing your EV charger from working properly.

These are just a few of the reasons why your EV charger may not work:

If your EV charger isn’t working but you aren’t sure the cause, call Doc Watts Electric. We’ll come out to evaluate your system and deliver a quick and wallet-friendly repair plan.

Should I Have an EV Charging Station at My Business?

Believe it or not, installing an electric car charger at your commercial business is a helpful long-term investment. It can also quickly recoup its installation fees, thanks to the station’s time-based charging feature.

Having an EV charging station can:


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Whether you are looking to install a new EV charging station or get an EV charger repair, call the Doc when you have no watts! Our team of experienced electricians are ready to make sure your station is safe, operable, and efficient. We look forward to setting up your commercial business with the best and most reliable charging system available.

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