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New Construction

Did you know electrical work is a big part of a home’s foundation? An electrical residential contractor that is by your side every step of the way will keep an eye out for opportunities to increase efficiency and safety while minimizing the impact on your wallet. Doc Watts Electric offers residential electrical construction without the headache!

A new build comes with a lot of moving parts, and you want electrical contractors with experience. Our talented team of experienced electricians will take your vision and run with it, providing you with a fully wired home that’s safe and code-compliant. We’ll ensure you have professional wiring, surge protection, GFCI outlets, and more.

Electrical Services for New Construction

Doc Watts Electric offers a variety of electrical solutions, large and small, for your new home. Each of our services are performed by an individual or team of experienced electricians, with a focus on providing communication, cost-efficient options, and extra mile service.

Our team will always offer the newest, cutting-edge technology, products, and services so your home is hard-wired for success.

We assemble, install, and/or wire:

New Construction
New Construction

Why You Need an Electrician

Believe it or not, nearly 400 people experience home electrocutions each year! Your wiring, electrical panels, and more should always be properly installed to eliminate the chance of electrocution and ensure you pass your home inspection with flying colors.

Doc Watts Electric is fully licensed and insured. We employ a team of well-qualified and experienced electricians who are experienced and fully equipped to handle residential electrical work.

Phases of Residential Electrical Construction

While you’ll only see the finished product (properly-working outlets, lights and more), there are actually quite a few steps that go into the electrical construction process. The timing of these phases is crucial not only for proper electrical installation, but also for ensuring that other elements of the home-building process are uninhibited. We’re team players, so we work hard to make sure our work doesn’t set anyone off schedule.


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