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Does your cooking help you test your smoke detector regularly? If you’re used to letting your smoke detector tell you when dinner’s ready, you know how important they are. At Doc Watts Electric, we handle smoke detector installations and repairs so that you can keep on cooking …safely.

Smoke detectors in homes and businesses keep us safe by letting us know when there’s an emergency. Making sure they are installed and functioning properly is one of the many areas of expertise we have at Doc Watts Electric. Here’s how our smoke detector installation and repair service can help you.

Our Smoke Detector And Fire Alarm Services

Hard Wired Smoke Detector Installation

Florida Building Code requires that smoke detectors be hardwired, connected to the electrical system, and have a battery backup. Every residence needs to have a smoke detector installed outside of each bedroom or sleeping area and in the common areas on each level.

In commercial buildings, smoke detectors must be placed in every room that does not have a sprinkler system, as well as in every elevator machine room, machinery space, control room, and in elevator lobbies.

Whether you have two bedrooms or ten, or need smoke detectors installed throughout your commercial space, Doc Watts is here to save the day with our smoke detector installation!

Wireless Smoke Detector Installation

Wireless smoke detectors are also code-compliant in some areas for commercial properties. Check your local building codes for details, but in general, if a wireless smoke detector meets NFPA requirements, it can be used in a commercial building. These requirements include:

What Is The Difference Between Hard Wired And Wireless Smoke Detectors?

Hard wired smoke detectors are wired directly into the home’s electrical system and they usually have a battery as backup in case of a power failure. Wireless smoke detectors are battery-operated only and are not wired into the home’s electrical system.

The benefit of a hard wired system is its reliability because it does not run on batteries. In a wireless system, the batteries should be changed frequently and the smoke detector won’t work if the battery is dead (there goes dinner!). In a hard wired system, the batteries rarely need to be changed and the alarm will sound until it is turned off.

One more benefit of a hard wired smoke detector system is that the individual smoke detectors can be connected with the other smoke detectors on the same circuit. If one smoke detector sounds an alarm, they will all sound an alarm. This is a much safer system than individually-operating smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Testing

Since your smoke detectors are most likely hardwired into your electrical system, an electrician should handle all of your repairs and replacements.

Your smoke detectors should last about ten years, but if you see any of these issues, have us take a look:

Smoke Detectors
Smoke Detectors

Does An Electrician Have To Install Smoke Detectors?

Anytime a home project requires modifications to your electrical system, it is best to hire a professional electrician. Our team of electricians at Doc Watts Electric is licensed and trained to take care of any electrical project you have, regardless of how simple or complex it is. In the case of smoke detectors, if they are not installed correctly, your family’s life could be at risk.


Doc Watts Electric - Your Smoke Detector Partner

Whether you’re replacing a hard wired smoke detector, need a smoke detector installed, or you’re looking for a smoke detector repair service, Doc Watts has your back. Our team of dedicated electricians can service smoke detectors in your home or your business. Call the Doc when you have NO watts!