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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Are you ready to give your home garage an eco-friendly boost? An electric car is a smart economic choice, but speedy charging will require more than a standard electrical socket. Let Doc Watts Electric take on all your EV charging station needs, from home installation to repair.

Having a home electric vehicle (EV) charging station is a must if you are an electric car owner. Did you know nearly 80% of owners charge their electric vehicles at home? Read on for everything you should know about EV chargers and the installation and repair process, so you can ensure your garage is set up for sustainable success!

EV Charging Station Installation

During installation, a Doc Watts Electric licensed electrician will set up your EV charging station properly, with all the precautions to ensure your installation is safe and secure.

Your electrician will:

EV Charging Station Repair

If you use your EV charger a lot, it has a higher chance of breaking over time. A licensed electrician can look into potential electrical system or device errors that may be preventing your EV charger from working as it should.

These are just a few of the reasons why your EV charger may not work:

If your EV charger isn’t working but you aren’t sure the cause, call Doc Watts Electric. We’ll get a licensed electrician out to evaluate your system and deliver a fast and cost-effective repair plan.

Levels of EV Chargers

There are two charging levels available for home EV use, depending on your power supply and desired charging speed.

A level two EV charger works by pulling an electrical current from a 240 voltage box that safely waits to send power to the plug until use.

Why Do I Need an EV Charger?

There are many places—gas stations, parking garages, and more—that offer EV charging stations. However, it’s risky (and time consuming) to rely on those for your primary main source. A fast, permanently-installed EV charging station will guarantee you are able to conveniently charge your car at any point while you go about your day-to-day routine.


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Whether you are looking to install a new EV charging station or get an EV charger repair, call the Doc when you have NO watts! Our team of licensed electricians have the knowledge and experience to ensure your station is safe and efficient. We are looking forward to ensuring your electric vehicle has the best and most reliable charging system available. Call us now to schedule your electric vehicle charging station installation.

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