Generators keep the lights on (and everyone happy) when the power goes out. We’ve compiled everything you should know about home generator installation, service, and repair, plus some of the most common FAQs so you can ensure you’re getting the best option available.

When you’re ready to buy a home generator, it’s important to choose an electric company that is qualified, employs a team of licensed electricians, and prioritizes safety above all else. Doc Watts Electric has been serving the Central Florida area for years, providing residents with electrical work that is safe for your home and your wallet. We can help keep your home safer and more comfortable with professional home generator installation!

Benefits to Having a Generator

Think of your generator as an insurance policy, or an investment into the future safety and reliability of your home. Your generator can provide a few key benefits in case of an emergency:

Generator Fuel Options

There are a few different fuel options for your generator, and the best choice often depends on where you live. Homes that are located on the city grid often use natural gas, while those not located on a gas service network frequently use propane because of its lower cost. Many people choose either of the two options for the following reasons:

Getting an Expert Opinion

Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, so hiring a licensed technician for your generator is our best recommendation. If you choose the wrong sized generator for your home, you could invite issues like an overloaded generator, damaged appliances and systems, and in serious cases, a house fire. An expert will be able to assess your home’s needs and recommend a generator, as well as wire and connect it to your home’s fuel source safely and in accordance with local and state mandates. In the case of a service or repair, your electrician will be able to spot warning signs that could lead to larger issues down the road and help you avoid them.

How Often Should I Service My Home Generator?

Your home generator should be inspected by a professional at least once a year. During the service, a certified technician will change your generator’s oil and filter.

How Can I Tell if My Generator Needs a Repair or Early Service?

There are a few key ways to tell if your generator is broken, or simply needs a bit of servicing. If you aren’t sure which category your generator falls into, go ahead and call a certified generator contractor—they’ll be able to assist with either.


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