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LED Conversion

LED lighting has many advantages compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. If you’re ready to make the switch for your business, Doc Watts has the LED lighting electricians you’re looking for.

Are you a business owner looking to retrofit to LED lighting? We’ve got great news! Doc Watts is here to help. We are a family-owned business that has been in service since 2005. Each of our lighting electricians is licensed and insured, and we have what it takes to meet your lighting needs. Transitioning to LED from traditional fluorescent or incandescent lighting can spark several questions that we’re excited to answer.

LED Retrofitting Services

You can use LED lighting in most fixtures, as long as you are not using a bulb that exceeds the specified wattage of the base, or socket. You also should not use LED bulbs in certain fixtures that do not allow for proper ventilation. A lack of proper ventilation can cause the LED bulb to overheat, shortening its lifespan. Our LED lighting electricians can identify which fixtures in your business are appropriate for LED lighting.

The process of adapting your existing light fixtures to accommodate LED lighting is known as “retrofitting.” This fancy word means that we examine the fixtures that already exist in your business and determine if an LED light can be used in it. If the socket or fixture you have is not appropriate for an LED, we can also install new components for you.

LED Conversion
LED Conversion

What Is LED?

Pull out your pen and paper, we’re about to share some life-changing electrical knowledge with you! LED stands for “light emitting diode.” This is an electrical device that possesses two electrodes - an anode and a cathode. (Did we mention you’re going to learn a lot today?) The electricity that provides lighting travels through these two components of the bulb, allowing it to emit the light. LED lights have many uses in today’s world, including everything from lighting the screen on your smartphone to providing light in parking lots. The popularity of this type of lighting has experienced a huge “surge” in modern times and we know it will keep growing!

Benefits Of LED vs. Traditional Lights

Though the first LED light was created in the mid-1900s, this form of lighting wasn’t too popular in homes or residential properties until recently. Before the introduction of LED lighting, most homes and businesses used fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Over time, it has become clear that LED lights have many benefits.

Do You Need An Experienced Electrician To Install Your LED Lighting?

Because LED lighting does have certain specifications, it is important to hire an experienced LED lighting electrician to both assess your project and perform the installation. A trained electrician can identify which fixtures can be retrofitted for LED lighting and which fixtures will need to be replaced entirely. Depending on your project location, the wiring could be complex and perhaps dangerous for someone who is not trained in electrical repair.


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Doc Watts has the enthusiasm and skill to help with any of your LED lighting projects. We also provide several other services including lighting repair, pole light maintenance, commercial and residential electrical installations, and more.

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