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Doc Watts is the commercial lighting contractor you’re looking for. From lighting maintenance to commercial electrical repair, we’ve got you covered!

Having the right lighting might not be something you think about until something goes wrong. Maybe it seems as though the bulbs in your business’ hallways burn out just after they’ve been replaced or the lamps in the parking lot don’t provide enough lighting. Perhaps looking at the electric bill every month has you breaking into a cold sweat. None of these issues are something we want to see you go through! Whatever your situation may be, Doc Watts is the commercial lighting contractor you should call with all of your electrical installations or maintenance projects.

Commercial Electrical Repair And Maintenance

Commercial electrical repair refers to any repairs performed in retailers, hotels, and other businesses. At Doc Watts, our electricians are trained to handle repairs, installations, and maintenance in these settings and many more. Our commercial lighting maintenance services include:

Commercial lighting maintenance is a must for many different business properties, including:

Why Is Lighting Maintenance So Important For Businesses?

Maintaining proper lighting in your business has a significant impact on how well it functions. Lighting maintenance affects:

How Does Lighting Affect Monthly Expenses?

The quality of your business’ lighting impacts the amount of money that is spent on electricity each month. It is important to have high-quality lighting that does not need to be replaced often. While all lighting does need replacement at some point, there are options that last longer and function better than many other styles of lighting. It is important to make choices that serve your business and customers as well as possible. As a commercial lighting contractor that has served Central Florida for years, we can help you find the lights that will work best for you.

Who Should I Hire To Perform Lighting Repairs In My Business?

You should always contact a professional commercial lighting contractor (that’s us!) to handle all of your business’ lighting maintenance and installations. While DIY jobs may save you money up front, electrical work can be dangerous if you are not trained to perform the work. If something is done incorrectly or goes wrong, it will often cost you far more in expenses over time. Even more concerning, improperly performed electrical work could cause fire hazards and other safety risks. Our contractors also perform complete safety audits and are up to date on current code requirements, so the reliability and safety of your electrical fixtures and their components will be in good hands.


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