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New Construction and Remodeling

When you’re building or remodeling a business, you want to make sure your foundation is solid! Doc Watts Electric has been working in commercial electrical construction since 2005 and has the experience, professionalism, and cost-effective electrical options you can trust.

Installing or rewiring the electrical systems for a commercial business is no easy task. It requires a very careful attention to detail and a knowledge of different equipment. Plus, issues with key electrical systems can cause huge issues down the road...and we’re talking huge! This is why you want a professional team of electricians for any commercial project.

Commercial Electrical Design

Before anything can be mixed, poured, or wired, you want to first determine the purpose of your building and create an electrical design plan. For example, the electrical layout of a restaurant will be completely different than those of a medical facility.

An experienced electrical company (that’s Doc Watts!) will be able to map out an electrical design plan for your business that is in line with requirements set by National Electrical Code (NEC) and OSHA.

The Commercial Electrical Construction Process

It’s simple, electrical wiring should always start from the ground up. As elements like flooring and cabinets are placed, the electrical process will follow suit.

The typical electrical construction process includes a few key elements:

No matter your commercial electrical needs, Doc Watts Electric can create an electrical design plan that is made just for your business! It doesn’t get better than that.

Commercial Electrical Remodeling

Whether you’re looking to update your commercial business’ electrical systems or install energy-saving lighting, we are here to do it all. We will create an electrical plan that’s in line with your goals, and conduct an inspection to ensure the new electrical design is safe for your building.

Once the inspection is successfully complete, our team of licensed electricians will ensure that each installation step is safe, compliant, and as energy-efficient as possible.

Standard electrical remodeling tasks for a commercial building include:


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Are you ready to get your commercial electrical design squared away? With years of experience, a team of licensed electricians, and extra-mile service, we’re up for the task! We look forward to making your new build or remodel as safe and efficient as possible. And remember, always call the Doc when you have NO watts!