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Surge Protectors

Has a bolt of lightning or a power surge ever fried your computer just as you were about to submit a big project? The Doc has the solution for you! Our whole home surge protectors will protect your devices …and your sanity!

“Electrical surge” is defined as a large, typically brief increase in voltage, current, or power in an electrical circuit that happens during an otherwise stable period. You likely felt a surge of frustration when that power spike killed your device, but we get a surge of excitement when we get to install new home surge protective devices for our customers!

Unfortunately, power surges are unavoidable, but with a whole home surge protector you can limit the damage they cause. Our team can handle your home surge protector installation or home surge protector repair, giving you a huge surge of relief!

Whole home surge protectors can keep your devices and appliances safe from the majority of power spikes that originate from inside your home. Not only does a home surge protector save your valuables, it can also help save your home from a fire. Here’s how the Doc does it.

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How Damaging Are Power Surges?

Power surges can cause extensive damage to many devices in your home including:

Many of us use power strip surge protectors for our electronics so that they won’t be damaged the next time a storm rolls through, but these are not enough to protect your entire home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plug every device and appliance in your home into your wall outlets with total confidence they will be protected from power surges? You can with a whole home surge protector from Doc Watts Electric.

Whole Home Surge Protector Benefits Over Power Strips

Some power surges are obvious and will cause complete power failure or at least a power flash. Others can happen without any signs, but they can still cause damage to your appliances and electronics.

When power is frequently interrupted without a proper shut-down process, your devices can wear out faster than they would otherwise. You could use power strips, but we know that they only go so far to protect that 65” flat screen!

High-Level Surge Protection

Did you know that up to 80% of home power surges originate from inside the home? They can result from loose wires, malfunctioning appliances, or static electricity. These small-level power surges may not be devastating but they can still cause damage.

Surges that start outside the home, like lightning, can create a higher-level power surge that can result in immediate, catastrophic damage to your devices.

You never know when a power surge will happen and having a whole home surge protector ensures that every one of your appliances and electronic devices will be protected at all times.

Cost-Effective Protection

You may think that plugging your entire home’s electrical supply into a surge protector device can be expensive, but it’s actually quite affordable! At Doc Watts Electric, we can work with any kind of budget for your surge protector installation.

Doc Watts Electric Can Handle Your Home Surge Protector Installation

Home surge protector installation is a simple way to ease your mind about power surges. Our highly-trained team of electricians can handle your job, no matter how big or small. Whether you need home surge protector repair, installation, or any other electrical services, call the Doc when you have NO watts!


Contact us today for a free quote on your whole home surge protector and let’s talk! We look forward to working with you.