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If you need an electrician for commercial retrofitting services, go to the experienced team at Doc Watts Electric. Our electrical retrofitting can keep your business up-to-date and safe with the latest electrical solutions.

An existing commercial building with aging or damaged electrical systems is the perfect candidate for electrical retrofit services. A retrofit project can pose unique challenges - not only are electricians removing existing wiring and electrical systems, but new systems must be designed and installed around your building's structure. This is why you need to work with an electrical contractor with extensive experience in electrical retrofitting.

The overarching goal of any commercial electrical retrofit project is to improve the building's efficiency, safety, and reliability while increasing property value and energy efficiency.

Commercial Electrical Retrofit

Upgraded Electrical Panels

Many older buildings are equipped with electrical panels that are aged beyond repair or don’t meet the electrical standards and needs of today’s commercial property.

When the team of licensed electricians from Doc Watts Electric conducts your electrical panel retrofit, we’ll find a panel with the suitable capacity for your property and the appliances and electrical systems you operate.

Lighting and Lighting Control Retrofits

One of the most common commercial electrical retrofitting services is a lighting conversion from older lighting to more modern options. Lighting and light fixtures can date your property, making it look older and less appealing to clients, visitors, or potential buyers.

Lighting retrofits also provide the opportunity to switch from incandescent lighting to more energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lighting allows you to decrease operating costs and improve lighting quality.

The electricians at Doc Watts Electric can also assist with the installation and programming of advanced commercial lighting control systems. This can ensure your property always has the right lighting for building occupants’ needs and that your facilities are as efficient as possible.

Tenant Finish Electrical Retrofitting

If your commercial property is changing tenants and changing from one use to another, you need the electrical capabilities to match. Electrical retrofits can come with unique challenges, since electricians must work around existing building systems and components in an efficient and effective manner. Working with the experienced electrical team at Doc Watts Electric ensures the job is done correctly the first time.

Wiring Retrofits

Not only is aging wiring a fire risk, but it also reduces your electrical system’s efficiency and increases your energy bills. Our team can determine if your commercial property needs new or additional electrical wiring, and then take the steps necessary to design and install a system that works for you.

Commercial Electrical Outlet Retrofit

Do you want to upgrade and update your building with modern electrical outlets? Doc Watts Electric can install additional electrical outlets or change out the existing outlets in your building with better options. Whether you’re looking for newer standard outlets or specialty outlets with USB chargers and backlighting, we have the solution for your property.

Will Electrical Retrofits Save Money?

Updating your electrical system with a similar, newer system typically reduces the overall cost of your electric bill. Retrofits also increase property and resale value, making it a worthwhile investment for any commercial property owner. We can work with a variety of budgets and property types, from small buildings to large-scale commercial properties and everything in between.


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