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Smart Home Installations

If you’re ready to get rid of the hassle and start telling your home exactly what to do, a smart home system might be for you! Smart home systems use internet-connected devices to monitor, manage, and streamline your residence. Let our team of experienced smart home device electricians handle it for you.

Are you still hanging onto that old security camera with the settings that never quite work, or finding yourself returning from a vacation to a house that is too cold or too hot? A smart home system can make it much easier to control your appliances and devices, maintain home safety, and more.

At Doc Watts Electric, we offer full home automation installation services so you can have a simpler, safer routine at the tap of a screen. See why a home automation installation may be right for you.

Smart Home Installation Services

Deciding which smart home device is the best choice for your residence can be tricky. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Samsung offer a selection of smart home systems. We’ve listed some of the most popular models for home installation:

Professional Google Nest Installation

Professional Amazon Alexa Smart Home Devices Installation

If you’re looking for installation services for a different smart home system, talk with our team to learn all the time and energy-saving possibilities for your residence.

Smart Home Device Installation

Smart home installations can be a bit challenging if you have incompatible wiring or a unique home system, so one of our licensed electricians will make sure you’re set. We’ll start with a free quote before scheduling your service so you will never be surprised with any unexpected costs.

From there, a Doc Watts Electric electrician will install your system from start to finish before setting up the app on your chosen devices. Have questions? Each of our skilled electricians know the ins and outs of the home automation installation process — and have installed many in their time — so ask away. Plus, a team member can show you all the hidden features and capabilities you may not have found on your own.

Smart Home Installations
Smart Home Installations

The Benefits of a Home Automation Installation

There are endless tasks a home automation installation can do, which is why more than 60.4 million houses across the US are currently using at least one smart home device. Gone are the days of a mile-long checklist before a vacation or a long day out of the house.

Now you can control locks, doorbells, lighting, temperature, and more from one app — no matter where you are. Simply put: home automation installations make life a bit more manageable and help you save money too.

Why Doc Watts Electric?

We have been serving homeowners of Central Florida since 2005, and are known for our wide variety of services for residential, industrial, and commercial customers. Our electricians are licensed and highly experienced and can make sure your chosen service is complete with a great level of professional care.


Doc Watts Electric Has Your Home Automation Installation Covered

If you’re ready to set up your smart home system, contact us today for a free quote. Aside from home automation systems, we also assist with new construction, remodels, general electrical work, lighting, panel upgrades, and more. We look forward to making your home the smartest and most efficient it can possibly be. Remember to always call the Doc when you have NO watts!