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Fire Alarm

Are you looking for reliable and experienced low voltage electricians for commercial fire alarm installation? Our team at Doc Watts Electric is standing by!

Fire alarm systems save lives and property. Not only are fire alarms required in commercial buildings, but having a modern system installed and functioning correctly can help you keep building occupants safe, avoid excessive building damage in emergency situations, and can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Our certified electricians can install fire alarm systems as part of our low voltage services. We work to make your installation as simple and efficient as possible, whether we’re installing a system in a newly-constructed building or working on a retrofit project.

During the course of your installation, we will work quickly to minimize disruption to your normal business operations, and our team will coordinate with any other subcontractors or construction professionals who may be a part of the building process. We will work to complete your commercial fire alarm system installation quickly to maintain construction timelines.

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm

The Fire Alarm System Installation Process

Site Assessment

When you work with us to install your commercial fire alarm system, our team will kick off the project by assessing the space where you would like to install the fire alarm system. This part of the process allows us to design a system that will meet jurisdictional fire and life safety codes and the needs of your property. It will also allow us to address any potential challenges that may occur during the installation process.

We can install systems in a variety of commercial and high-density residential spaces, including:

System Design

Once the site assessment is complete, our commercial fire alarm installation team will create a code-compliant design for your system. This will include the placement of detectors, control panels, and other alarm system components.

System Installation

Our electricians then install the appropriate wiring for your fire alarm system. Wired components include smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull stations, and more. We will then install the components in their designated locations.

Testing and Inspection

After the full installation process is complete, our electricians will conduct a full test and inspection of the newly-installed fire alarm system. We will ensure that smoke and heat detectors are working properly, each component is communicating with the fire alarm control panel, and that visual and audible alarms are functioning.

Fire Alarm System Repair

If you’re having challenges with the wiring and low voltage connections in your commercial fire alarm system, our technicians are here to help! We will come to your property and provide you with a thorough estimate of the needed repairs and associated costs.

Why Doc Watts Electric?

Fire alarm system installation and repairs must be done by individuals with specific knowledge of these systems, as well as knowledge of the jurisdictional requirements where your property is located. Our team of professionals is able to meet these requirements and provide you with a code-compliant system that protects your commercial building.


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