We never really know.

We never really know where these trips will take us, or exactly what will happen when we get there. Each year is a brand new adventure. However, there’s a place that keeps calling us back, and we can’t resist the call. Guatemala! We have been there 4 times so far, and each time has been full of blessings, new friends, new challenges, and new adventures.g to have the opportunity to join a great group of dedicated individuals that came together to put together playgrounds, electrical work, and fellowship.

These trips always provide their set of surprises, and they always teach us lessons in humility, in the true meaning of joy, and the ridiculousness of social imbalance. One of the blessings we received came from a family of 9, who had been living under a tin roof. As part of that mission trip we were able to build a brand new home, and words just can’t express what an impact that had on us.
These trips unite us as a family, and we feel that the experiences and the life lessons will stay with our children forever. Whether it is discovering a new location, making friends in another country, or laying down and talking about the accomplishments of the day. We treasure these experiences.


On one of our trips, we got to help with the construction of a new medical building, which would then provide free dental and medical care for the locals. Wow! Imagine that!
We are sure to return here, and we hope you will join us. There are opportunities for clothes drives, where we have delivered clothing to locals in need, new construction, solar panel installations and so much more. This is a place you don’t want to miss.