How To Respond to Common Home Electrical Emergencies

Count on Doc Watts to be your trusted Orlando emergency electrical service team for any unexpected electrical problem you may encounter.

Electrical emergencies are situations where there’s a risk of harm due to electrical problems. Examples include power outages affecting essential services like heating or medical equipment, sparking outlets or appliances, burning smells from electrical systems, and electrical shocks from switches or outlets.

If you encounter any of these situations, it’s best to shut off power to the affected area and call a professional Orlando emergency electrical service company.

Signs of an electrical emergency include:

  • Sparks or arcs from outlets, switches, or appliances.
  • Burning smells or unusual odors coming from electric devices.
  • Buzzing, crackling, or humming sounds from electrical devices.
  • Lights flickering or getting dimmer unexpectedly.
  • Electrical shocks or tingling sensations when touching switches or outlets.
  • Repeatedly tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Power outages affecting essential services or multiple areas of the home.
  • Signs of overheating, such as discolored outlets or warm electrical panels.

How to Respond to Electrical Emergencies

Knowing how to respond to electrical emergencies is crucial to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. From power outages to exposed wires, knowing how to react calmly and effectively can make all the difference in preventing further harm and resolving the situation safely. 

Electrical Fires

When dealing with electrical fires, safety is critical. Never use water, as it can conduct electricity and cause harm. Instead, use a fire extinguisher labeled for electrical fires (Class C) or smother the flames with baking soda or a fire blanket. Turn off the power if safe and evacuate if needed. Always call an emergency Orlando emergency electrical service company for assistance.

Power OutagesOrlando emergency electrical service

During a power outage, first, see if it’s just your home affected or a larger area. Unplug electrical appliances to avoid damage when the power returns. Use flashlights, not candles, for safety. Check circuit breakers or fuses if the outage is just in your home. If you can’t fix it or suspect a bigger problem, call an electrician.

Exposed Wires or Sparking Outlets

Exposed wires or sparking outlets can be dangerous. If you see them, don’t touch them. Turn off the power to the room if you can do so safely. Keep people and pets away. Call an Orlando emergency electrical service technician immediately to inspect and fix the issue. Avoid using electrical devices in the area until it’s resolved to prevent further hazards.

Recognizing and Addressing Hazards

Recognizing and addressing electrical hazards is essential for maintaining a safe home environment. Here are some tips from our Orlando emergency electrical service team for identifying and mitigating potential electrical hazards in the home: 

  • Inspect wiring: Check for damaged wiring, especially in high-use areas like kitchens and outdoors. Replace worn-out wires promptly to prevent fires.
  • Test outlets and switches: Regularly check outlets and switches for proper function. Address loose outlets, hot switches, or sparks immediately with a qualified electrician.
  • Upgrade outdated systems: Consider modernizing old electrical systems or knob-and-tube wiring to meet safety standards and avoid fire risks.
  • Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs): Place GFCIs in areas with water exposure, like bathrooms and kitchens, to prevent electrical shocks by shutting off power quickly.
  • Use surge protectors: Install surge protectors to shield electronics from voltage spikes during storms or due to faulty wiring, preventing damage.
  • Practice cord safety: Don’t overload outlets or use extension cords permanently. Check cords for damage and replace them if worn to prevent accidents.

When to Call a Professional Electrician

When dealing with an electrical problem at home, it’s important to decide if you can handle it safely or need a professional. Simple issues like flickering lights or a tripped breaker might be okay to fix yourself. But if you see exposed wires, sparking outlets, or feel an electrical shock, it’s best to call an Orlando emergency electrical service technician. 

When emergencies strike, count on Doc Watts as your trusted Orlando emergency electrical service team. With our commitment to safety and reliability, you can trust us to address issues such as power outages, sparking outlets, or electrical shocks with expertise and care. Remember to Call The Doc When You Have No Watts!